About the Dandy

Having grown up in the smoky foothills of East Tennessee and attended university in St. Louis, the Dandy is continuing his multi-decade tour of the country by ending up here in Boston for the foreseeable future.  As his current line of work allows him a certain level of temporal flexibility, he devotes a fair amount of his time and energy to living as a bon vivant on a postdoc's stipend.  When at home, his love for the gustatory arts and inquisitiveness as a scientist combine to send him frequently into the kitchen or behind the bar to experiment.  He has often drawn the comment, "So you must be shooting for the stars," which he has to correct by noting his interest is in gastronomy, not astronomy.  When out on the town, he can often be seen at chamber music salons, black tie society galas, or just at a bar with his faithful notebook in one hand and something delicious in the other.  Already having been bestowed with an honorary doctorate of cocktails, he is always on the lookout for exciting potations.  Among his more leisurely pursuits are patronising the arts, floristry, gardening, and writing haikus.