Sunday, February 3, 2013

Makings of a home cook, take 2

After the success of my first formal dinner party, I caught the proverbial bug. I simply was itching for another adventure and could not stop thinking about future possibilities. Thus, after a particularly long day, I found myself jotting notes down on the back of a Cell paper (Zhu J, et al. Reactivation of latent HIV-1 by Inhibition of BRD4. Cell Reports 2, 807-816 (2012) to be exact). My partner in crime, who had helped out with the previous dinner, ended up joining me at the Hawthorne for a drink and a brainstorm session. We took the core of his idea for a pasta themed dinner and put a winter seasonal spin on it. A couple months later, the plan finally bore fruit.

All photos courtesy of R. Cossar
Ready to be seated
Pickled persimmons, scallion, shiso, sesame and olive oils
Eiko Fuji, Ban Ryu Honjozo
Duck broth, mung bean vermicelli, napa cabbage, threadfin surimi
Bodegas Grant, Fino "La Garrocha"
Bucatini being made à la minute
Bucatini al nero di seppia, diver scallop, coconut milk, Thai basil
I Clivi, Collio Malvasia 2011
Agnolotti of beets and walnuts, orange purée, beet greens, ricotta salata
Mas de la Dame, Rosé du Mas 2011
Chestnut tagliatelle, boar ragù, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms
Il Secondo di Pacina, Toscana 2011
Seared venison loin, gnocchi, sunchoke purée, lacinato kale
Lindes de Remelluri, Rioja 2009
[Not pictured]
Manchester, Consider Bardwell, VT; Dragon's Breath, Den Hoek, NS
Farnum Hill Cider, Extra Dry
Confit tangerine peel, honey semifreddo, cognac, candied citruses
Fifteen cocktail - cognac, quince honey, Ramazotti, lemon

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